Stair Falls

DESCRIPTION: Stair Falls is the first falls visitors reach from the west parking lot or the last falls from the east parking lot. The section from the Head of the Gulf (Hagas) to Billings Falls has numerous falls including the Bear Brook falls which enters the Pleasant River on the opposite bank. After a short 1/10 of a mile hike downstream visitors will find Billings Falls.

Scenic Rating: 3/5
Difficulty Rating: 2/5 from west parking area
Hike Duration: 1.8 miles one way from west parking area
Handicap Access: No
Fees: Yes
GPS Reading: N45.4941 W69.3400
County: Piscataquis
Township: Bowdoin College Grant East
DeLorme Atlas: Map 41 D5 marked in DeLorme


From the west parking lot (recommended): Stair Falls is a 1.8 miles hike one way.
From the east parking lot: Stair Falls is a 4.3 mile hike one way along the rim trail. This approach requires that visitors ford the Pleasant River which can be difficult at times.

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Waterfall Trail Map for Gulf Hagas area

Waterfall Trail Map for Gulf Hagas area

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Photos: ┬ęBob Hamer