Gulf Hagus

Gulf Hagas Natural Landmark Sign

Gulf Hagas. The Hermitage. The 100 Miles of Wilderness. All of these world famous destinations are located a short distance from Greenville and Brownville, Maine. The area is part of the 175,000 acre tract known as the Katahdin Ironworks Jo-Mary Multiple Use Forest. To help maintain the roads and campsites, a small fee is charged to both day use and overnight visitors. All of the roads are dirt and logging trucks have the right away! When you see a logging truck coming from either direction, please pull over to let it pass safely. Gulf Hagas is a nearly four mile gorge with four major waterfalls (Stair, Billings, Buttermilk & Screw Auger falls) in or near the gorge and dozens of smaller falls. The area has three other waterfalls (Haybrook, Highbridge, West Chairback Pond) which are popular destinations.

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Photos: ┬ęBob Hamer