Indian Stream

Indian Stream side view

DESCRIPTION: You will find this 80 foot waterfall on Elliotsville’s Indian Stream, near Greenville’s southeast corner, less than a mile’s easy hike from a drivable woods road. Although the three fall sequence on upper Thompson Brook, in combination, may be slightly higher, Indian Stream’s 80 foot plunge makes it (probably) the highest single cascade in the Wilson Valley area. When visited in early June Indian Stream carrys a good volume of water. This is a very impressive and scenic waterfall, and the odds are that you will have it entirely to yourself.

Scenic Rating: 3/5
Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Hike Duration: 1 hour
Handicap Access?: No
Fees?: No
GPS Reading: N45.4129 W69.4697
County: Piscataquis
Township: Elliotsville
DeLorme Atlas: Map 41 E4


From downtown Greenville, turn right onto Pleasant Street, opposite the parking lot for the SS Katahdin. Drive uphill (east). At 1.8 miles, Pleasant Street makes several sharp turns skirting the runway of Greenville’s municipal airport. At 2.0 miles the road turns from paved to gravel. At 3.6 miles, Pleasant Street crosses Wilson Stream at its outlet from lower Wilson Pond. Here, the road changes its name to the KI Road. At 4.2 miles, the KI Road enters Plum Creek timberlands. The road is privately owned after this point, and log trucks have the right-of-way. The road quality also deteriorates in places. At 4.6 miles, the road to Greenville’s Secret Pond enters from the right. Stay on the main road.
Note: There is another Secret Pond in Elliotsville, near Indian Stream.  Do not confuse these two ponds.

At 6.1 miles, turn right on the Morkill Road (no sign). This is a good quality gravel road, easy to drive. At 7.4 miles, a gravel woods road enters from the right. Stay on the main road, bearing left. At 7.7 miles, turn left. At 8.6 miles, a dirt woods road enters from your right. Stay on the main road. At 8.8 miles, turn right onto a gravel woods road. You will be able to drive a short distance down this road. Park in the open area on the left. From this point, continue on foot downhill for 0.2 miles, until you reach a gate at the boundary of the Elliotsville Plantation, Inc. Seven Ponds nature preserve. Continue past this gate on foot, reaching an ungated crossing of the MM&A rail line after another 0.2 miles. Cross the railroad line, then continue on the woods road uphill, to the left. After another 0.3 miles, the road reaches a small crest, turns right and begins descending toward Wilson Stream. From this point, the road parallels Indian Stream, to your left (east). Continue another 0.2 miles, then find a convenient point to bushwhack the 200 yards or so to your left, to Indian Stream. Follow the stream downstream to the falls.
Note: The woods road continues south another 2/3 mile or so, crossing Indian Stream near its junction with Wilson Stream.

Alternate Route 1: At mile 8.8 from Greenville, remain on the main road, rather than turning right. Drive another 0.4 miles, crossing Indian Stream and Secret Pond Brook (the one in Elliotsville). Park next to the road, then bushwhack approximately 0.3 miles west to Indian Stream. Follow the stream downstream, crossing the MM&A railroad line. Continue downstream to the falls.

Alternate Route 2: Indian Stream may also be reached from the Appalachian Trail. 0.3 miles north of its Wilson Stream crossing, the AT crosses the MM&A rail line. From this point, leave the AT and follow the MM&A line north approximately one mile to its crossing of Indian Stream. Follow the stream downstream to the falls. If you miss the stream crossing, turn left onto the woods road described above.

Note: Both alternate routes have been described by others, and have not been field checked.

Landowner: EPI & Plum Creek

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Waterfall Trail Map for Bodfish Valley area

Waterfall Trail Map for Bodfish Valley area

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Photos: ©Bob Hamer