villages-places-guilford-covered-bridge-450Our Villages tour highlights the history and cultural heritage that make our region unique. Please join us for two-hour tours encompassing an East Loop and West Loop through the region. The entire tour spans 134 miles and guides travelers to our beautiful Villages signs at key points along your route.

The audio (coming soon) provides information about sights along the tour, as well as music performed by local artists.

Doing it the Piscataquis County Way

Developed for the Penquis Leadership Institute’s 2006 class project, it was very important from the beginning that this project would be a showcase of local talents and resources, and a project that kept all funding circulating within the local economy. The writing, audio production, sign production, website design – everything involved with the Villages of Piscataquis County project was accomplished in Piscataquis County through the efforts of local volunteers and the use of funding to hire the talented people who choose to live here.

The Piscataquis County Economic Development Council considers nature-based, historical and cultural heritage tourism to be a vital part of the local economy. As such, they have formed a permanent subcommittee, the Piscataquis Tourism Development Authority, to serve as the umbrella organization for several tourism initiatives in the region. The PTDA provides networking, guidance and funding to several projects, including the Villages of Piscataquis County Audio Tours. Other projects falling under this umbrella that may be of interest to visitors include the Great Maine Woods and Waters Tour and A Waterfall Guide to Southern Piscataquis County.

Piscataquis County is unique in its approach to economic development. While most towns have their own economic development officer or agency, here in Piscataquis we find that a regional approach works best. That attitude, summed up as, “A rising tide raises all ships,” is so unique, in fact, that it was featured in an article in the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston publication “Communities & Banking” in spring of 2007.

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