Little Moose Unit Bureau of Parks and Lands


chickadee-signThis 15,000 acre tract of public land is located west of Greenville in Moosehead Junction and Big Moose Townships (unorganized). The forested land is flat to gently rolling in the southeastern quarter, the area also includes most of the Little Moose Mountain range with steep slopes, rocky streams, and remote ponds. Visitors may enjoy hiking, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, wildlife watching, and camping in this seemingly remote setting.

Special Notes of Interest:

Hiking: From the trailhead near the Greenwood Motel on Routes 6 and 15, the Little Moose Mountain Trail provides 9 miles of hiking along the ridgeline from one scenic overlook to the next. Hikers then descend into a forested bowl containing the Moose Ponds, an area that feels truly remote, but only 3 miles from town. Easy half-mile trails connect these ponds to each other and to a trailhead at the top of the Mountain Road. From the trailhead on the North Road, hikers may climb Big Moose Mountain, a rugged 3-mile climb with a panoramic view at the top. **

Fishing and Hunting: Fishing for brook trout is attractive to visitors in the brooks and ponds located here. Scenic small ponds lie in the lowlands between rugged hills. This remote fishing experience is protected by state law that prohibits motorized craft and vehicles (except snowmobiles) within a half-mile of these ponds. Gravel Pit Pond is stocked and offers children a successful opportunity to fish. Hunting is for grouse and deer. Fishing and hunting are allowed, subject to state law. Consult IF&W rules and regulations and note the prohibition of hunting and trapping in the Moosehead Lake Game Sanctuary, special fishing regulations on some ponds, and restrictions on firearms in and around campsites and trails.

Wildlife Watching: Because of varied forest and wetland habitats, this location is home to many species of native Maine wildlife. Canoeists often see wading birds, waterfowl, and moose in Wiggin Brook. Please watch for moose on the area roads. Collision can be fatal for driver and moose.

Camping: Pond walk-in campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Campsites include a table, fire ring, and nearby pit toilet. Visitors must obtain a fire permit from the Maine Forest Service. While visitors may camp in other locations, they may not build fires. Help protect this area by obeying fire rules and by practicing low-impact activities.

ATVs: All Terrain vehicles are allowed only on roads and trails posted as open.


Season: Year round

Winter activities include: Snowmobiling on the unit on ITS 86 and a local club trail, marked on the map. For safety reasons, snowmobiling is prohibited on plowed roads. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are also permitted in this area.

Important Natural/Cultural/Heritage Links: – First fire tower in the United States was located atop Big Moose Mountain

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Follow Routes 6 and 15 northwest to the Greenwood Motel to access one hiking trailhead. Parking is on the southwest side of the motel.** To drive into the unit, continue on Routes 6 and 15 across Moose Brook and turn left onto the North Road, which will enter the unit in about a mile. (The land to the right is privately owned and the road is shared right-of-way until you reach the public land sign.) After the Public Lands sign, the road forks. To the left, the Mountain Road leads to the trailhead for Big Moose and Little Moose Ponds at about 0.7 mile. To the right, the North Road continues toward Trout and Big Indian Ponds.