Katahdin Loops and Trails

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maine-woods-waters-8211-35The Grindstone Trail

Grindstone is so small that it is not included in Ava H. Chadbourne’s volume of Maine Place Names and can go easily unnoticed by the motoring public.

maine-woods-waters-8212-39The Island Falls Trail

The Island Falls Trail offers several side trip opportunities for site seeing.

maine-woods-waters-8209-34The Medway Trail

This route is often referred to as the Katahdin Trail.

maine-woods-waters-8212-37Shin Pond Trail

This view is appreciated through all four seasons, but is most striking in autumn as Katahdin forms the backdrop for the multi-colored and uninterrupted canvas of fall foliage that extends from the monition to Route 11. Turn to the east and experience a panoramic view of rolling hills, forests and fields that nearly equals the westerly view.