Fall Tours

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maine-woods-waters-8198-29Borestone Mountain Audubon Sanctuary

This Maine Audubon Sanctuary encompasses 1640 mountainous acres and is adjacent to Lake Onawa, Barren Mt. and the Appalachian Trail. The hike up Borestone Mountain is three miles to the East Peak which offers a spectacular 360 degree view. The Moore Nature Center located one and one-half miles up the mountain from the trailhead features interpretive displays and information on the natural and cultural history of Borestone Mountain. Free (Donations accepted).

maine-woods-waters-8211-35The Grindstone Trail

Grindstone is so small that it is not included in Ava H. Chadbourne’s volume of Maine Place Names and can go easily unnoticed by the motoring public.

maine-woods-waters-8203-102Gulf Hagas

Gulf Hagas is often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the East" (or of Maine) because it is a spectacular four mile long gorge with vertical slate walls dropping nearly 150 feet. The total depth of the valley is about 400 feet. The west branch of the Pleasant River flows through the gorge forming magnificent falls, chutes and pools that are especially torrid during the spring runoff. The fall foliage in this back country is spectacular and provides a colorful backdrop for the many hiking opportunities that abound throughout the Gulf region. Fee at gate.

maine-woods-waters-8199-55Guilford Memorial River Walk

The Guilford Memorial River Walk begins at the parking area north of the Sangerville Bridge on Rte. 23 just beyond the Piscataquis River. A short walk, 1/3rd mile east, goes downriver to a picnic table and sitting bench. A longer, flat 1 mile walk goes west, upriver, following the old Bangor and Piscataquis Railroad along the river to Haley Construction on Rte. 15. Free.

maine-woods-waters-8212-39The Island Falls Trail

The Island Falls Trail offers several side trip opportunities for site seeing.

maine-woods-waters-8202-56Katahdin Iron Works

Katahdin Iron Works is a State of Maine maintained historic site that houses the remains of a blast furnace and charcoal kiln that were originally built in 1843. You can walk through the remains of the old blast furnace and imagine yourself traveling back in time to the heyday of this unique operation. Free.

maine-woods-waters-8196-108Lily Bay State Park

Since the time of the earliest inhabitants, Moosehead Lake has been a location popular for fishing, hunting and a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Wildlife viewing, hiking, boating, swimming, fishing and camping are some of the many available activities at this location. Fee.

maine-woods-waters-8193-54Little Moose Unit Bureau of Parks and Lands

This 15,000 acre tract of public land is located west of Greenville, in Moosehead Junction and Big Moose Townships (unorganized). The forested land is flat to gently rolling and includes most of the Little Moose Mountain range with steep slopes, rocky streams, and remote ponds. Visitors may enjoy hiking, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, wildlife watching, and camping in this seemingly remote setting. Free.

maine-woods-waters-8209-34The Medway Trail

This route is often referred to as the Katahdin Trail.

maine-woods-waters-8197-30Moosehead Marine Museum

The Moosehead Marine Museum’s historic cruise boat, the Katahdin, is a national historic landmark and a remnant of the logging days that links the present Moosehead culture to its important and historic past. This vessel offers cruises and is the main attraction of the Museum’s collection of marine memorabilia of the Moosehead area. This museum houses the region’s most extensive compilation of photos and documents related to the marine traffic on Moosehead, Maine’s largest lake. Fee.

maine-woods-waters-8220-111Mount Kineo

Mount Kineo is an 800 foot mountain of rhyolite that rises dramatically from the deepest portion of Moosehead Lake. This was a location known well to the Native Americans who traveled great distances to Kineo for the hard rock with flint-like qualities that was used for tools and arrowheads.

maine-woods-waters-8200-95Peaks Kenny State Park

Tucked away along the shore of Sebec Lake, this park is an undiscovered gem of the state park system. Campers may enjoy a relaxing family-oriented experience in this setting with 56 wooded sites that serve to promote privacy. The entire park covers 813 acres and includes flush toilets, a beach, bath house with showers, lifeguard, and picnic area in the day use portion of the park. Ten miles of hiking trails run throughout the park and are not heavily used. This clean and well-maintained park has some of the highest quality water in Maine. Park is located 4.5 miles from the nearest medical and service center. Fee.

maine-woods-waters-8205-82Piscataquis Demonstration Forest

Located in Williamsburg Township, the 180 acre Demonstration Forest is maintained by the Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District. Special features wit the forest include two historical homestead sites, examples of forestry Best Management Practices (BMP), a glacially formed canyon and miles of hiking and cross-country skiing trails.

maine-woods-waters-8201-113Pleasant River Walk

The 3.2 mile historic Pleasant River Walk is located on the east bank of the Pleasant River between Brownville Village and Brownville Junction. This is considered a hiking trail, not an easy path, indicating that there is some level of difficulty to complete this walk. Along this portion of the Pleasant River the water is fairly flat punctuated by boulders and multiple inlets. The trail is narrow through relatively flat terrain with some rocks and roots to negotiate. Along the trail one will find scenic views of the river, benches for resting, and a variety of flora and fauna. Sign markers identify mileage on the route. Free.

maine-woods-waters-8204-98Seboeis Unit

This 13,000 acre unit managed by the Bureau of Public Lands is located about halfway between Brownville Junction and Millinocket off Route 11. Large lakes, hardwood ridges, flat areas of softwood and good views of the mountain, including Katahdin, make this an attractive place for nature lovers to enjoy fishing, boating, camping and wildlife watching. Free.

maine-woods-waters-8212-37Shin Pond Trail

This view is appreciated through all four seasons, but is most striking in autumn as Katahdin forms the backdrop for the multi-colored and uninterrupted canvas of fall foliage that extends from the monition to Route 11. Turn to the east and experience a panoramic view of rolling hills, forests and fields that nearly equals the westerly view.