Fall Fly Fishing

Welcome to the Moosehead Lake Region, home of legendary fly fishing on the East Outlet, Moose and Roach Rivers.

The Moosehead region offers great access to three “fly fishing only” rivers boasting some of the best wild brook trout and landlocked salmon fishing in the country. Our map is designed to allow first time visitors to understand how and where to fish without a guide, although hiring a Registered Maine Guide is the best way to learn how to fish any new area. In addition to the three Moosehead rivers, the area is also well known for the West Branch of the Penobscot and over 70 “fly fishing only” brook trout ponds for the fly fishing angler. A map of the West Branch will be available in the spring of 2014.

The Moosehead area has a full range of lodging establishments, restaurants, and retail shops. Fly fisherman will find plenty of free advice and fishing supplies at local outfitting stores. For further information, check out

Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce
Maine Office of Tourism
The Maine Highlands

All of our “fly fishing only” rivers are tailwater rivers (dam controlled), which means that anglers need to be aware of water flow rates. These can be found at

For East Outlet and the Moose Rivers, phone 800-557-3569; for the Roach River, phone 207-695-3756.
Fishing regulations are subject to change. Please check the current regulations online at

Until you learn the rivers make sure you keep your wading to knee deep water. Always wear a wading belt and have a wading staff available.

Fly Fishing map of Moose, East Outlet, Roach Rivers

Maps of the Fly Fishing [Only] Rivers of the Moosehead Lake Region are available for download.
Click for pdf of East Outlet Map (front)
Click for pdf of Moose & Roach Rivers Maps (back)

Text & Photos by Bob Hamer | Design by Corina Design | Maps by Ken Irons.
Dan Legere, John Mciver, and Cheryl Duplessis helped with the pool names and other important information. This map is a production of the Piscataquis Tourism Development Authority. Paid for in part by the Maine State Office of Tourism and the Maine Highlands.

NOTE: This map is not drawn to scale and should not be used for navigation. The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer published by DeLorme has excellent map coverage of the Moosehead region.

Please email if you have any suggestions or corrections. Please note that there are many different names for the various pools; we have tried to use the standard names when possible.